Guide: which yogurt maker to choose?


Yogurt makers have become essential in all eco-responsible housing in France. Yogurt, yogurt or yogurt whatever it's called, the whole family loves it!

Homemade is more and more essential in our homes, so why not make your own homemade yogurts ? The electric yogurt maker allows you to make your own yogurts by choosing all the ingredients. This new household appliance is now in all the kitchens of families who will never again buy yogurts at the supermarket after this discovery!

There are several types of models available and it is not easy to choose or know which yogurt maker to buy to find your ideal yogurt maker !

So how to choose your yogurt machine ? Which yogurt maker to choose for the whole family? Here are the questions we will try to answer in this buying guide . Making flavored homemade yogurts is a new trend that is not about to stop!

What is the best yogurt maker?


The best yogurt maker corresponds to your weekly yogurt consumption. If you are big yogurt consumers then choose a larger capacity yogurt machine (6 to 8 yogurts).

The operation of a yogurt maker is relatively simple. Once you pour all the ingredients into your yoghurt pots , the device automatically takes care of maintaining the right temperature to allow the lactic ferments to transform the milk into yoghurt.

The electric yogurt maker maintains the ideal temperature for lactic fermentation , between 8 and 10 hours depending on the type of yogurt you want to obtain. Launch your yogurt maker in the evening and collect your homemade yogurts when you wake up the next morning.

Is it profitable to make yogurts?


Making homemade yogurts is quick, economical and fun with the family. If you buy yogurts at the supermarket every week then your yogurt maker will quickly pay for itself!

The manufacturing cost for 12 homemade yogurts is around €2 depending on the ingredients used.

How to make homemade yogurts?

To make homemade yogurts , mix the milk and a natural yogurt or a bag of lactic ferments . Divide the mixture into 7 to 8 glass yogurt jars. Leave to incubate in your yogurt maker according to the times indicated above and you're done!

Which yogurt to choose to make homemade yogurts?


The most commonly used lactic ferment is simply commercial plain yoghurt , preferably organic. It will bring the necessary ferments for the realization of your homemade yogurts .

The best-selling powdered lactic ferment is that of the Alsa brand, available in all neighborhood supermarkets.
Its batch of ferments for yoghurt is composed of four boxes of four sachets, for a total of 16 sachets.

Simply pour the contents of a sachet of ferment directly into a liter of semi-skimmed milk (preferably organic), and mix well by shaking the bottle. Fill your small individual pots and launch your yogurt maker for 8 hours.

What flavor for homemade yogurt?


You can flavor your yogurts with natural flavors . They usually come in liquid or powder form in the baking department of your supermarket. Pour a few drops of aroma into your homemade preparation so that your flavored yoghurts smell good of vanilla, lemon, raspberry, coconut, or simply cereals.

The possibilities are limitless! Add pieces of fresh fruit, broken cookies, chocolate chips, fruit zest according to the tastes of all gourmets.

What powdered milk to make yogurt?


Régilait brand powdered milk is widely used to obtain firm and creamy yoghurts! What kind of milk powder to use? There are 2 types of milk powder (also available in organic);

  • Regilait whole milk powder
  • Régilait semi-skimmed milk powder

Why use a yogurt maker?


Homemade yogurts contain no preservatives and can be kept for about 10 days in your refrigerator.

The electric yogurt maker or yogurt machine allows you to make creamy homemade yogurts but not only. This machine also allows you to make your own cottage cheese or dairy desserts depending on the model.

Share with your loved ones healthy desserts, without preservatives or additives, easy and fast . In addition, this eco-responsible machine will greatly reduce your amount of daily waste. Glass or ceramic yoghurt pots are reusable!

Which milk to make homemade yogurts?


It is possible to use any type of milk for yoghurt , animal milk or vegetable milk for allergy sufferers. Raw cow's milk, sheep's milk, soy milk and lactose-free milk .

Lactose-free yogurts are good for your health thanks to their source of calcium. Your homemade yogurt recipes will not take you more than 5 minutes: the time to mix your ingredients, pour them into the small individual yogurt pots and launch your homemade yogurt maker .

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